Zimbabwe is an incredibly beautiful, land-locked nation in the centre of Southern Africa, with a population of 16,2 million people and just over 390 000 sq km in size.

Despite its political and economic struggles, it remains a country of breathtaking beauty and lush landscapes. Home to the magnificent Victoria Falls and stunning Zambezi River, this country is by no means short of attractions and activities.

Zimbabwe, previously known as Rhodesia during its colonial days, has been the focus of many explorers during the last few centuries. It was Rhodes that orchestrated the building of the first railway line through the country which stretches across the entire African continent, and David Livingstone was the explorer to hear the thunderous sound and see the spray of the world’slargest natural waterfall, the Victoria Falls, named after his sovereign Queen Victoria.

A journey to Zimbabwe will leave the explorer satisfied with encounters with nature and friendly locals, which can only be found in the warm hospitality of Southern Africa.


 Currency: Multi Currency

                           US Dollar, Pula

 Capital City: Harare

 Population: 16,2 million

 Official languages: 16

English, Ndebele and Shona are the most spoken

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