Zambia is a landlocked Southern African country roughly 752,618 sq km in size, with eight neighbouring nations and home to a population of 16 million people..

Undoubtedly, one of Zambia’s main attractions is the magnificent Victoria Falls which is shared by bordering Zimbabwe. With the spectacular falls comes an endless list of exciting outdoor activities to participate in. Throughout the country you’ll come across wildlife rich game reserves and the chance to meet locals and explore their communities.Culture, traditions and customs plays a vital part of the lives of Zambians as their culture is made up from the heritages of over seventy ethnically diverse people. Over the last centuries, communities have moved into Zambia in search of better pastures, political climates and job opportunities; today there is a blend of all these cultures, creating a vibrant and rich national culture.

It is therefore easy to see why Zambia is a top destination for the discerning traveler looking for some of the best experiences Southern Africa has to offer.


 Currency: Zambian Kwatcha

 Capital City: Lusaka

 Population: 16 million

 Official languages: English