Just over 800 000 sq km in size and home to 28 million people.

Mozambique is known for its easy-going way of life as well as its sense of relaxation. This tropical nation has a truly unique Portuguese and African blend of cultures.

Mozambique is a real paradise with endless idyllic beaches and a vibrant atmosphere. Its magical white beaches enchants every visitor.

Infused with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, travel in Mozambique is bliss, with its clear blue waters making it the perfect playground for scuba diving and snorkeling.

The rugged coastline invites you to utilize all it has to offer, allowing you to experience adventures such as ocean safaris and island trips, as well as enjoy its renowned white sandy beaches. 

Mozambique is an ideal destination suitable for a beach holiday or vacation extension at the end of a journey through Southern Africa. Magical Mozambique will truly exceed any traveler’s expectations.


 Currency: Metical

 Capital City: Maputo

 Population: 28 million

 Official languages: Portuguese