The Kingdom of Lesotho is a landlocked country completely surrounded by South Africa. One of the smallest nations in Africa with a size covering 30 000 sq km and a population of  2,1 million people.

Lesotho is also called the Kingdom in the Sky as 80% of the entire country sits 1400 metres above sea level. This is a nation submersed in tradition and culture. It’s famous for its beautiful mountain passes and small communities.. Undoubtedly, this nation is most popular with travelers wishing to lose themselves in the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors.

Exploring Lesotho is an experience some of the world’s most avid hikers dream of experiencing…here you will be met with truly beautiful sights, endless mountain ranges, rock art and historical villages.


 Currency: Loti

 Capital City: Maseru

 Population: 2,1 million

 Official languages: Sesotho